In Distru, the companies section lets you add both suppliers and buyers. Whether they are an existing customer or lead or a potential supplier, you can manage all of these from the Company section inside Distru. Check out the following video to learn more:


Company Locations

In the edit company form, you can add multiple location names and addresses which are geo-located and stored. For each location you can also add ONE license number and associated information, that you can edit anytime and mark/toggle if the license is active or inactive.

First begin by entering the name and then add a license. Next you will add locations and then associate the license to that location as shown below:

Company Contacts

You can also add as many contact(s) as you want directly from here, who will become available in the ‘Contacts’ section

Relationship Type and Category

Here you can specify the relationship type (current or potential customer or supplier) and specify the company type (dispensary etc.)

NOTE: Your company section contains both your suppliers and customers, so you will have to specify the category and/or the relationship type in order to know what company is what. It might also be possible that you are dealing with a company that happens to be both a supplier and customer, and since you can only have ONE relationship type, you will want to create a new relationship type (right from within the drop down) or use category to filter and know who’s what.


Here you will put the account owner, or the rep who owns the account. This field is useful for filtering (say if a sales rep wants to filter companies and only see her accounts) and for running the Sales By Company report and filtering by Sales Rep

If you are looking to manage leads, you will want to create a custom field called something like ‘Lead Status’ with drop down selection so you can include various stages the lead is in. If you use a separate CRM, you don’t need to do this. 

Every sales person can setup their own filter and save it. If they want to see only dispensaries, they can filter all companies by ‘Dispensaries’ and put their name under ‘Owner’ to see all dispensaries they talk to.

Price Tier

Explained by tooltip. You can assign companies to a price tier that you can manage inside Settings where you can associate products to a price tier so that each company that is assigned to a price tier will have the product price automatically adjusted if that price tier-associated product is added to a sales order.

Invoice Email, Shipment Email and PO Email

These are explained by tooltips inside Distru, and are emails that can be pre-loaded in a 'send invoice' dialog box that you are prompted with when creating an invoice, for example. These are optional to add and you can always change these at the moment you are prompted with a dialog box. 

Extra Details

You can store extra details for companies such as their weedmaps URL etc. if it helps you or your sales reps

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