This article will give you a step by step overview of how to successfully create and categorize your Customers, Vendors, Suppliers, Leads and more.

How to Create a Company in Distru




How to Create a Company in Distru

In Distru, the companies section lets you add both your suppliers and your customers. Whether they are a current customer, a lead, or a current or potential supplier, you can manage all of these from the Company section inside Distru.

  • Start by going to your Companies page in Distru, which is under CRM in your main menu

  • Click the Create Company button on the top of the page:

You’ll be taken to a simple page where you can enter the Company’s display name (or DBA):

Once you enter the main company name, you can continue to the next page and enter the rest of the company information


This field indicates who among your Distru Users is the Company’s account manager or Sales Rep. Each rep will be able to quickly view their own Companies via the “My Companies” saved filter to manage their own book of business.


The license(s) you add to each company can be used as the destination License on Sales Orders and Metrc Transfers.

Clicking the Add License button takes you to a pop up where you can enter the specific license information for the company being added. If your account is integrated with Metrc, the license must be entered exactly as it appears in Metrc.

You can add multiple licenses to each Company. This is helpful for Companies with multiple licensed operations under the same ownership.


In the edit company form, you can add multiple location names and addresses which are geo-located and stored. Each location can have one license associated with it. A license can be associated with multiple locations.

Begin by entering the Location Name, and then select a license. A license must have already been added to the Company’s profile to be associated with a location:

Next, search to autofill the address. This search uses Google Maps to geo-locate the address and add a precise point to your Map. If you cannot find the address in the autofill search, Enable Manual Mode to enter the address directly into the fields below.

You can add multiple locations to each Company. This is helpful for Customers with separate Billing and Shipping addresses and/or multiple locations under the same ownership.


Keep track of each Company’s Contacts and their respective roles to make the most out of Distru’s CRM. Contacts created within a Company’s page will be automatically associated with that Company.

Other inputs

  • Relationship Type and Category

    • Here you can specify the relationship type (current or potential customer or supplier) and specify the company type (dispensary etc.)

NOTE: Your CRM in Distru contains both your suppliers and customers, so in order to organize your Companies within Distru you will have to specify the Category and/or the Relationship Type. Each Company can have only one Relationship Type and Category. If the company does not fall into any of the pre-set Relationship Types, you can create your own! E.g. Partner, Brand, Supplier/Customer, etc.

  • Default Sales Order Notes

    • Here you can create a customized “Message to the Customer” which will appear at the bottom of all Sales Orders and Invoices created for this customer. If anything is entered here, it will overwrite the default message that can be set via Settings > Company > Company Settings.

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