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Creating a Purchase Order
Creating a Purchase Order

This article will demonstrate how to import both Metrc and Batch tracked inventory using a Purchase Order

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How to Create a Purchase Order

Start by going to the Main Menu, and then Click Purchasing

In the Purchase Order Page, select Create Purchase

You'll be taken to the following screen:

Start by inputting the Supplier, or Vendor from which the product is coming. Any products associated with that Vendor will be visible when you go to add products to your Purchase Order.

The other two required fields are Payment Due Date, and Receiving Warehouse:

Payment Due Date - When the Vendor expects payment for the product incoming

Receiving Warehouse - Location within Distru in which the incoming product will be received.

Add any applicable products to your Purchase Order and expected cost.

Upon Completion of the Purchase order, the expected inventory will immediately be imported for use within Distru, in the Location originally inputted under Receiving Warehouse.

Purchase Orders can be completed by either associating it with an Incoming Metrc Transfer, or selecting Completed under the Status Bar:

*Note: Only Products Associated with the selected Vendor will be available to add to your Purchase Order.

PRO TIP: Import your initial inventory using a Purchase order.

  1. Batch-tracked inventory can be imported by creating a Purchase Order with existing inventory counts, and completing the Purchase Order. All inventory will be imported upon Completion.

  2. Metrc-Tracked inventory can be imported when a Purchase Order is matched with its associated Metrc Transfer. (Metrc transfer needs to be accepted directly in Metrc).

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