In Distru, you can create and manage multiple locations, also known as 'warehouses'. You can drill down into multiple locations and see inventory in a particular location, along with any pending orders, right from the dashboard.

NOTE: You must have at least one location before you can have inventory. Inventory has to be at a location (or on a user - but inventory cannot be received on a user through a PO and must be transferred from a location) 

Locations can be managed inside your Settings > Company Info, on the right side. You can add as many locations as you need to. Each location must have a physical address, and you can have multiple locations with the same address.

Some companies like to use locations as pertaining to different rooms within a warehouse. For example, you could have a location called Quarantine, as the receiving warehouse for your purchase orders where product(s) first come in and get tested. Those that pass testing, then, could get passed on to a location called something like Warehouse 2 - Production, where they get packaged etc. as the screenshot depicts above.

 It's up to you how you wish to use them. Once the regulations are fully enforced, you will want to have a separate location for adult use and medical, so you may have Warehouse - AU and Warehouse - M. You get the idea.

Editing Location / Adding Licenses

Currently users are limited to adding ONE license per location. If you wish to add more licenses to that location, you can create additional location(s) with the same address and add a separate license to each. To add a license, go to Customize Distru > Licenses.

To edit the location, click the three dots next to the location name where you will have a chance to edit the address and associate the license information. 

Here you can add in a license information, mark if the company is active or not, and even attach licensing information (i.e. pdf files or images etc.) to the location.

We advise you not delete a license if it expires, and instead mark it 'inactive'. 

NOTE: If your address isn't showing up which is the case sometimes when adding PO Boxes or if you have a bad connection, click the green text above the address on the top right that says, "Enable Manual Mode." This will let you manually put in an address instead of finding it through our address search tool.

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