Adding your Licenses and Locations


This article is here to outline how to add your Licenses to Distru, and associate them to storage Locations


  1. Overview

  2. Adding a new license

  3. Adding a new location


You can sync your License(s) with your Distru account directly from Metrc,and manage your inventory across multiple Locations (also known as 'warehouses'). These Locations will allow you to differentiate between Inventory Allocated for Production vs Out for Testing vs Ready for Sale, etc. Locations can also be used to filter throughout Distru’s menu pages, in Reports, and even your Dashboard!

Note: Because inventory has to exist within a Location, you must have created at least one location in order to track inventory. If you plan to track Metrc-synced Inventory, that Location must have a Metrc-synced License associated with it.

Examples: Intake; Production Materials; Raw Goods; Out for Testing/Quarantine; Bulk Ready for Sale; Packaged Ready for Sale/Finished Goods; etc.


Sync your licenses into Distru via Settings > Integrations > Metrc (screenshot below)

Once your Company and Personal Metrc API Keys have been set, click in to “Sync Metrc licenses to Distru” and click the green button to “ADD LICENSE”. You will then see a dropdown to select the license(s) you wish to sync into Distru.

You can also manage your Licenses via Settings > Customize Distru > Licenses. If you create a license from here, it will not be integrated with Metrc.

Note: The holder of your account’s Company Metrc Key must have full admin permissions in Metrc for all licenses you intend to sync into Distru via one Metrc login. If you do not see your license, double check your Company Metrc API Key holder’s permissions in Metrc.


Create Locations to store your inventory via Settings > Integrations > Metrc (screenshot below).

Once you have added your Licenses, click in to “Associate locations to Metrc licenses” and click the green button to “ADD LOCATION”. You will then be prompted to Name the Location, assign a License, and list the physical Address.

You can also create and manage your Locations via Settings > Company > Company Info, OR through your own Company’s Edit Page via the Main Menu > CRM > Companies.

Note: You can add as many locations as you need to, but we suggest starting small. Once a location has been used to store inventory, it cannot be deleted as it holds historical data.

Note: Each location must have a physical address, and you can have multiple locations with the same address.

Note: Location names can be changed at any time.

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