To add team members to your Distru account, goto Settings > Manage Users > Invitations. Here you can invite users and see their status. 

NOTE: Your Active Users (all your users who are not deactivated nor deleted) are used in determining your billing.

To invite user, click 'Invite User' where you can enter an email and select a role. The only role available by default is 'admin' and you must have at least one admin user at all times. 

To cancel invites, deactivate or delete users or change user role types, you will need to go to Manage Users > Users & Roles


This is primarily used for when you want to Fire, Retire or dismiss a user from your organization.


This should only be used when the user was entered into your system by mistake. If you wish to dismiss a user from your organization, please choose the Deactivate User option instead. Also note:

  • You cannot delete an admin account
  • You cannot delete a user with active stock
  • You cannot delete a user with associated stock transfer

To learn more about role configuration, check out Configuring Roles & Permissions.

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