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Enable multiple menus with specific products to supercharge your sales

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Online menus can be configured inside Distru and added to your website with a simple line of code to make it easy for buyers to see what you have and to send you requests for what they wish to buy. 

Potential or existing customers can come to the menu, browse products by categories, and create requests. Once they have added items to cart, they can specify the quantities they want and send over a request. 

The requests will appear in your Request section of Distru as well as on your dashboard, allowing you you to fulfill the request on your end. The customer will also receive an email confirming their request has been received. The following is how it will appear on your dashboard.

Clicking fulfill will let you select which location you wish to fulfill the request from and open up a sales order form that you can then fill out to completion. It's that easy!

Setting Up Menus

To setup a menu, goto Settings > Company > Product Menu

Here you can edit existing menus and create a new menu by clicking the + Create Menu button on the top right. 

Inside the Create / Edit menu screen you can specify the menu name, the location(s) from where the menu pulls inventory, and other options. Let's dive further into what each of these mean.

Sales Rep Login

This feature lets sales reps login to the menu from the menu screen on the top left. In the image above, Mark is the first name of the sales rep who has logged in already. Reps can log in and out by clicking the menu icon on the top right, above the filter icon.

Use Sales Rep logins to enable reps to showcase products directly to buyers in person on their tablets and create orders right from the menu. Once items are added to the check out cart, the sales rep will see a check out form as depicted above. 

Expose Inventory Levels

You can choose to show or hide inventory levels for products that are shown on the menu. 

NOTE: If you wish to expose inventory levels and you run out of inventory of a product, you can choose to remove that product from the menu temporarily by going to the edit product form. Or you can leave it up there - it's up to you. 

Expose Price Info

Pricing info is pulled from the products' Sale Price field in the edit product form. You can choose to show or hide this information depending on your sales strategy. For example, you may wish to hide the price if you want to give a custom quote or don't want to be pre-committing to a price.

Expose Vendor Info

Distributors carry products from multiple vendors, but may want to hide who they get specific products from. This is typically what happens when a distributor white labels flower, for example. If you wish to hide who you purchased the product from, you can do so by toggling 'Expose Vendor Info' off. 

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