Stock adjustments allow you to manually adjust stock on a product (or on a batch, if the product is batch tracked). You can adjust stock from many places within Distru, including edit product form, product detail page, batch detail page and more. Stock adjustments are important when auditing and marking losses, or if you need to manually add stock for things like packaging in case you are not adding them to Distru through a purchase order.

NOTE: Purchase Orders and Stock Adjustments are the only ways, asides from Returns, to add inventory to the system. 

For the first example, goto the products section and click anywhere in the line next to a product to bring up the edit product form.

On the edit product page you can see the available batches, if the product is batch tracked. To adjust the stock on a batch, click the 3 dots next to the batch on the right side, and select adjust stock.

Clicking Adjust Stock will prompt you with a dialog box where you can either add or remove inventory, specifying the reason for the adjustment which can range from stolen goods, to wasted product, to losses for sampling for lab testing.

In the image above, putting a -5 in the Adjust Quantity field on the top left will show the newly Adjusted Quantity on the top right. You will need to select the location where the batch will be adjusted, and will require you to have the requisite inventory in that location. 

You can also goto the Batches table page by clicking Products on the top left and selecting batches and then clicking anywhere in the row to bring up the edit batch form as shown below:

Here you can click the 3 dots on the top right to adjust the stock.

You can also adjust stock on the product detail page (by clicking the product name) and adjusting in the inventory column.

Here you can see how all the stock of this product is allocated across different locations, and you can click on each location to see how much of each batch is available there. Then you can click the 3 dots on the right to bring up the same Adjust Stock dialog box. 

Lastly, you can adjust stock on a batch detail page by clicking the batch name here (in blue above), which will take you to the batch detail page.

Here is a screen shot excluding the left side as shown in the previous image so you can see more clearly. On this batch you can see how this batch is allocated across different locations. In the example above, there are only 777.5 grams of this batch available and all of it is one location called W1 Production. 

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