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Managing Sales Leads
Managing Sales Leads

Enter in all your leads and nurturing them to close in Distru

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Sales people can take advantage of Distru's CRM and Task Management features to enter potential customers (leads) into Distru, log activities, and manage their status. T

Tracking Lead Status

Distru offers a field type on Companies known as 'Relationship Type'. You can customize this from Settings > Customize Distru > Relationship Type. Here you can add lead statuses such as 'Not Contacted', 'In Progress', 'Attempted Contact', etc. that you can use to manage your leads.

NOTE: There are default relationship types, including 2 for 'suppliers' because Companies include both leads, customers and suppliers, but suppliers don't need 'lead statuses' since its only for managing those companies whom you plan on selling to. Feel free to customize as needed.

Logging Activities

Every time you make a call or visit a place, you can either log an activity or mark a task complete if a task existed for that. To log an activity, you will first need to goto a company's detail page. You can do this by clicking on the company name on the Company page (where all your companies are listed) or by searching for the company name on the toolbar at the top:

Once you type the name (or part of the name), you should see the a list of things related to what you typed. In this case, click 'Harvest' Current Customer and you will be taken to Harvest's company detail page. Here you will notice the details of the company on the left, as well as an Activity Feed where you can log activities.

Anytime something related to the company happens, such as an update on a sales order related to this company, it will be captured in the Activity Feed. You can also manually log in activities, such as a phone call or a meeting etc. by entering in some notes and specifying the activity type right above the Activity Feed, and then clicking submit. 

NOTE: To bring up the Edit Company form on this page, click the 3 dots on the right side of the green box at the top left where it says Harvest. 

Task Management

We encourage you to create tasks for future follow ups. 

You can do this by adding a task at the bottom right of the company detail page as shown above, or by the numerous other ways that you can create tasks (from quick create on the top right). You can specify the due date and mark the task done when it's complete. It's that easy.

Setting Your Sales Process in Motion

Like anything important in life, you will need to create a process and follow it regularly. As you add more leads, you will want to be sure to follow up with all of the newly entered leads, but you will want to prioritize your work flow to follow up with the hottest leads first. 

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