Business and Professions Code section 26070 

This section requires a licensed distributor or microbusiness arranging for the transportation of cannabis goods to complete a shipping manifest prior to transporting cannabis goods. 

If the transferring licensee has NOT obtained access to the track and trace system, the licensee shall complete the shipping manifest outside of the track and trace system and transmit it to the Bureau and the licensee receiving the shipment by electronic mail. 

If the transporting distributor has access to the track and trace system and the licensee receiving the shipment has not obtained access to the track and trace system, the transferring licensee shall complete the shipping manifest in the track and trace system and transmit it to the Bureau as well as electronically transmit the manifest to the recipient. 

UPDATE May 4th: As most companies currently hold temp licenses, this form will suffice. Once annual licenses are given and the track and trace program becomes enforced around June-July 2018, those licenses will need to follow the guidelines as detailed by the BCC.

Necessary Fields

The following fields are required in the manifest as suggested by the sample form on the CDTFA's website:

• Name, license number, and premises address for: the licensee who possesses the cannabis goods; the licensee transporting the cannabis goods; and the licensee receiving the cannabis goods

• Name and license number of any licensee involved in the activity or transaction who is not shipping, transporting, or receiving the cannabis goods

• Date and time of activity

• Date and time of departure from first premises, and estimated time of departure for subsequent premises if cannabis goods are being shipped from multiple premises in one transport vehicle

• Estimated date and time of arrival at each receiving premises

• Driver license number for any person driving the transport vehicle

• Make, model, and license plate number of transport vehicle

• Name and type of cannabis goods to be transported

Creating Shipping Manifests in Distru

In order to create a manifest inside Distru, you will first need to create a sales order and a shipment. Once you have the shipment, you can convert it to a manifest by toggling the 'Include Shipping Manifest' button:

Shipper, Receiver and Distributor

The Shipper is the company from where the product is being transferred 

The Distributor is the company transporting the product. 

The Receiver is the licensee receiving the product.

NOTE: If you are a distributor picking up product from another licensee and you are the one generating the manifest, you will be both Distributor AND Receiver. If you are self-distributing, you will be the Shipper AND Distributor. 

Editing Fields

When you edit the information, you will see Quick-Fill Fields to the left. Here you can quickly select information to help pre-populate the fields on the right. The fields on the right, or Actual Manifest Fields, are what will be displayed on the manifest. You can always skip the Quick-Fill and manually add information in the Actual Manifest Fields. 

The Shipper and Receiver fields will be similar, with the Distributor fields having a bit more information such as selecting the Driver and Transport Vehicle etc. 

Distributor: Driver Details and Vehicle

As mentioned just now, the Distributor section has fields such as Driver and Vehicle, which you can quick select on the left to have it filled out on the right. 

Drivers are entered as 'Contacts' to the company that you are selecting as the distributor. To add a driver, simply goto the Company, edit it and add a contact, or create a contact and associate it to the distributor company. You will then be able to select the Driver by clicking on the field.

Vehicles are a bit tricky as they are not associated with a particular company, but must be entered separately in Settings > Customize Distru > Vehicles. Once added, you will be able to search for them in the Vehicle field, and information like the make and model and license plate # will be auto filled out on the right once you select the Vehicle.

Generating the Manifest

Once you have entered all the information, you can save the Shipment and see it on the Sales Order Dashboard under 'Shipments' as visualized below:


Once its complete, double check it for any errors, and download or email to the licensees involved in the shipment. You will also want to email BCC at [email protected] 

You can email everyone, including the bcc from the top right of the shipment form by clicking the 3 dots next to the signature and edit shipment form buttons, selecting 'Email Shipping Manifest', and entering the emails, separated by comma. 

NOTE: The email will be sent from [email protected]

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