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Creating Lab Test Samples (for Metrc synced companies only)
Creating Lab Test Samples (for Metrc synced companies only)

Metrc flow for creating sample packages to be taken by lab reps.

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What is a Lab Test Sample?

In California, Distributors (and microbusinesses) are uniquely responsible for conducting lab tests of products, and for quarantining those products until the tests have passed.

In order for a package to be considered a lab test sample, it must be specifically created as a testing package rather than a regular child package. This can be done using Distru's "Create Test Sample" function and will result in a package recognized by Metrc as one deemed for testing.

These test sample packages have some special limitations in Metrc, but one of their most important characteristics is that once they are sampled by a lab, their test results are applied to the packages they were sourced from. This allows those source packages to be broken down and shipped off by the distributor to retail destinations.

Here is how the feature in Distru looks:

Feature Highlights

We now show whether a package is a lab test sample in the package lists using a flask icon

The form is a simplified assembly, which allows you to choose multiple source packages to create an official Test Sample Package:

Once you have created your Test Sample Package in Distru, go directly to Metrc to create and register the transfer to the lab. The package you just created will be available to send on an outgoing transfer.
​(Since this package wasn't technically sold, creating a Sales Order for it would skew sales reports. To avoid creating a Sales Order for outgoing transfers to the lab, go from the Main Menu > Metrc > Transfers > Unimported. From there you can check off transfers that you do not wish to sync as Sales Orders or Purchase Orders and skip their import notifications. If you change your mind or make a mistake, not to worry! Click into the Skipped tab and un-skip the notification. Happy Testing!)

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