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Receiving Inventory via Incoming Transfers in Metrc
Receiving Inventory via Incoming Transfers in Metrc

Purchasing / In-taking products from licensees on Metrc

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Licensed incoming transfers are generated in Metrc from the sending licensee. They create the manifest as a licensed outgoing transfer, put you as the destination licensee, put in all the required information, select the package(s) they are sending and then register the transfer. This then shows up in your licensed incoming transfers tab.

To view these, goto Transfers in the Metrc header and select "Licensed" and then the "Incoming" tab. This is an example screen shot below:

Receiving a transfer is the final point of exchange in the chain of custody. To display the contents of the shipment for review prior to accepting the packages, use the dropdown menu arrow to the left of the transfer Manifest ID.

The "Receive" button is on the right side of the transfer manifest, as shown above. Pressing the "Receive" button does not accept the transfer but rather launches the "Receive Licensed Transfer" page which is where you can adjust the quantity received, reject the entire transfer, reject specified packages in the transfer, or accept the transfer as is.

Shipped / Received Quantity

The "Shipped Quantity" (Qty.) field displays the amount of product that was recorded when the package was created. The same product quantity is auto-populated in the "Receive Quantity" field. Two choices are available if the Shipped Quantity does not match the Received Quantity: Adjust the package in the "Received Quantity" field to correct the variance, or reject the package

Reject Package Checkbox

Select this checkbox to allow a single package to be rejected from a transfer without rejecting the entire transfer. To reject a package, select the "Reject" checkbox next to the corresponding package and select a reason from the "Reject Reason" drop-down. An optional note can also be entered, but is not required. Reasons to reject a package are shown.

When a package is rejected, the received quantity and unit of measure disappear. Any package not checked will be received. At that point, the user can accept the transfer and the rejected package(s) will remain in the custody of the sender. To reject the entire transfer, check the Reject checkbox for all packages in the transfer.

Receive Transfer Button and Cancel Button

Select the "Receive Transfer" button to accept the transfer and move the packages into the recipient’s inventory unless the package(s) have been rejected. Press the Receive Transfer button to record the package rejection(s), as well as accepted packages. Rejected packages are returned to the inventory of the licensee initiating the transfer. Accepted transfers are added to your inventory (the destination facility) in 'Active Packages'. 

Otherwise, select the "Cancel" button to prevent the transfer/manifest from being received. 

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