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Finishing a Package
Finishing a Package
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Once a package has reached 0 quantity, you can 'inactivate' it using a feature called 'Finish'. Typically this happens after the package has been used in an assembly.

You must ONLY finish the package in Distru; please do not do this in METRC.

However if you do want to see your packages in METRC that have 0 quantity in METRC, goto Packages from the METRC header.ย 

  1. Click on the Active tab

  2. Look for packages with 0 quantity

  3. Packages that are on 'HOLD' or have already been transferred cannot be finished; NOTE: currently we cannot detect packages on HOLD in Distru and will be releasing something for this in the near future

Once you are ready to finish a package, there are a few steps you can do in Distru:

One way is to go to the Product detail page as seen below (by searching for the product in the top middle search bar or clicking on the Product name from the Product list table), click the right location where the package is located to show all the packages, and look for the 'Finish' button next to the package number:ย 

Clicking on this will cause the package to finish. You can also 'unfinish' the package from here as well.
Another way you can do this is to goto the Products list table as shown below, click Products from the top right and switch to Packages. Here you will see a list of packages in your system. If you click the three dots next to a package number that has 0 quantity, you will see an option called Finish Package which will allow you to finish the package.

Happy Finishing!

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