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Error: My Metrc API Key is invalid
Error: My Metrc API Key is invalid

What to do when you receive an email that you have an invalid Metrc key.

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Don't worry this is fixable! Steps to solve: 

Go to Distru > Settings > Integrations > Metrc

  1. Make sure your "Company Metrc Key" in Distru matches the Metrc API Key of the highest level of permission admin user on Metrc. IMPORTANT: Do not change the Company Key in Distru unless you are the admin on Distru and Metrc. 

  2. If you are logged in to Distru then log into your personal Metrc account and make sure your Metrc API key matches your Distru "Metrc User Key". 

  3. Any user that has permissions to do assemblies or create packages in anyway in Distru should also have permission to create packages in Metrc. Admin please make sure all of your users has the correct permissions in Metrc or their activity done in Distru will not sync to Metrc.

  4. Please contact your success manager that you have done all of these steps and they will let you know this has been fixed. 

Once fixed we will make sure to backlog any activity that happened during the time the sync was broken.

Note: If you ever regenerate your Metrc API Key and your key has been used to sync to other software you will need to update those softwares with the new key. 


Metrc API Keys

Login to your Metrc account > Click the arrow in the top right > Select 'API Keys'


Company Key

This API key belongs to the Admin with the highest level of permissions in Metrc. You should only update the company-wide key IF you were the user whose key was being used as the company-wide default Metrc API key. Admin only! 

User Key

This key should always match the Distru user thats currently logged in Metrc API key. 

I.e. If you are logged into Distru as Sally the sales manager then you as Sally also logs into your personal Metrc account and copies the API key then pastes and saves it here in Distru. 

Why does this happen and how to avoid in the future? 

The common reasons for this issue are:

  1. User mis-entered / mis-copied their key into Distru.

  2. Metrc key was invalidated because the user attempted to login to their Metrc account multiple times with invalid auth, locking their account and invalidating their key (a silly thing Metrc does)

  3. Metrc key was invalidated because the user regenerated their Metrc API key directly in Metrc and didn’t give Distru the new key.

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