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Test Results on Packages
Test Results on Packages
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With this feature, you have the ability to attach test results and cannabinoid information directly to packages that automatically pass down to child packages.

What are the benefits of attaching test results:

  • Download test results in one click from Sales Orders

  • Sort packages by cannabinoid information

  • Reserve order quantities by potency

Distru will now automatically attach a test result to your packages if there is test result data in Metrc! Skip to Automatic Results from Metrc or see how to utilize test results in Distru below

How to Manually Add and View Test Results in Distru

From the packages table, you'll see an icon for packages that have a test result (whether it was automatically or user created)

To add test results manually, click the three dots next to any package and select “+ Add Test Result” or click into any package and click the “Test Result” tab.

Upload your COA(s).

  • Fill in the cannabinoid fields. Later on, you can view packages and products based on cannabinoid content.

  • When Primary Test Result is selected, the COA and all of the cannabinoid information you filled in will auto-apply across all related child and parent packages.

  • Adding test results to a package that doesn't have any will automatically make them the Primary test results. You can upload more than one test result to change the default test result by toggling the Primary option on.

Filling in the cannabinoid information fields, you’ll see the info appear in the following places:

  • As columns in the Packages table

  • In the single package view on the left of the Package’s overview section (Customize Columns to reveal)

  • In the single product view under the Inventory section

  • Packages Export

  • Sales Order Item History Report

  • Transaction History Report

  • COGS Report - coming soon

Pro Tip!

Sort your packages by THC% on the package table page.

Time saver alert!

Now that you've uploaded your test results you can download the COAs for all the packages on any SO in one click.

No more searching through google drive folders or emails for each package COA one by one.

*SO must have packages assigned to line items.

Automatic Results from Metrc

We now automatically create a test result on your packages if results have been uploaded to Metrc by the Lab! You can now see cannabinoid data across all of your packages as soon as it's available!

Test results that we automatically create will have a Metrc badge to signify its official data, and the cannabinoid fields will not be editable so that you can always validate that there were no typos. You can still click the pencil and upload the COA! (Metrc still doesn't allow us to pull the COA through the API)

Metrc-synced results will always be named Lab Test Result ######. The numbers correspond to the unique identifier for the set of test results in Metrc, and allows us to attach more than one set of test results for a package if it has been tested more than once. We will always mark the most recent test result in Metrc as the Primary test result in Distru

Note for Colorado and Oregon: Not all of the cannabinoid variations that we display in Distru are available in Metrc. We will only fill the data for what is present in Metrc

Pro Tip: To see which packages have Test Results added but still need a COA to be uploaded, filter the packages table to show only:

  • Lab Test Status: Test Passed

  • COA Attached: No

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