The following items will sync with QBO

  • Invoices that have been created and saved

  • Payments on invoices 

  • Completed Purchase Orders

  • Payments on Purchase orders

  • Returns sync (as credit notes)

Deleting any of the above items will also sync!


Changes made in QBO don’t sync back to Distru!
Additionally, not everything on an invoice syncs to QBO (such as the sales rep)

If integration is set up after the above items are created, QBO doesn’t auto sync those items; they will have to be opened one-by-one to sync properly with QBO.

Common Errors

The most common Quickbooks integration errors will occur if any QuickBooks syncs fail

You can see a list of error explanations here:

In order to resolve these please try to make changes on your end to fix it if you can but if its beyond you, please reach out to Distru Support right away and we'll be happy to help! 

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