What happens when one of your packages in a transfer is rejected by the Receiver?

  • Rejected packages will appear in the 'Rejected' tab of the Sender’s Metrc account under Licensed Transfers, which will look like the image below:

  • Accept the rejected package(s) back into your Metrc account by clicking the 'Receive' button. On the next window, click "Receive Transfer" 

NOTE: The sending licensee must accept back all the rejected packages per transfer, at the same time, and must specify the reason to do so. 

According to regulation, a reason for rejecting a package must be entered.  A note can also be entered but isn’t required.

What happens next?

Once a rejected package is 'Received' by the original sender, it becomes active  in Metrc and should become active  in Distru as well.

Read more about this here: 

How Distru Handles Metrc Rejections

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