Metrc Rejections Become Returns in Distru

Distru now has an automated way of handling rejected packages that are returned in Metrc. Here’s how it works:

The best part about this feature is that it requires little to no intervention from you. It works seamlessly in the background as it detects rejected packages in your transfers.

When a package is rejected on a Metrc transfer that has been matched to a Sales order, Distru will:

  • Automatically create a Metrc return (with the status Shipped) containing the rejected packages

  • Send a notification email to the Sales order’s owner (and if none is available, an email will be sent to the first company admin)

  • Change the status of the rejected packages to Returning 

  • IF you have sync with QBO, it will create a credit note

Note: The automated Metrc return is created in Distru only after all packages on that transfer have been either rejected or accepted by the recipient. If a transfer still has a package that requires action from the recipient, the return will not be created.

Rejected Packages return to active inventory

When the user accepts the returned packages in their Metrc account, Distru will:

  • Change the status of the Metrc return to Completed 

  • Send a notification email (to the same order of people as mentioned above)

  • Change the status of the rejected packages to Active  (they are now ready to be sold again)

  • Receive the incoming transfer with inventory returning to the Default Location set up for that license. 

Please be aware the invoice will need to be adjusted to remove the rejected line item and to show accurate excise tax!

Once you edit your invoice, you will see the packages that have been rejected so you can remove them from your invoice. 

Also if you have QBO sync, we recommend deleting the credit note as you will no longer need it.


Upon rejection of any package within a given transfer: 

  • #RN-000000 is generated with "Shipped" status 

  • #RN-000000 is associated with affected Sales Order

This occurs once all packages on the transfer have been either accepted or rejected

Return #RN-000000 will appear in Sales Order details and packages contained within will be ready to be returned to inventory 

In the Return details page we can see: 

  • Which SO the rejected package was assigned

  • Status = "Shipped" when not yet received back to inventory

  • List of products in rejected package

Status of Packages rejected by recipient

Rejected packages will show "Returning" status

Accepting Rejected Packages Back to Inventory

METRC: The rejected package will appear as an incoming transfer.
DISTRU: Refresh Returns page to see the updated status from "Returning" to "Active"

Transaction Details updated and available for higher level visibility

Returns will be show status "Completed" automatically once all rejected packages contained within have been accepted back to inventory

Whole Transfer Rejection

If the entire transfer is rejected, please follow the instructions in this article.

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