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Auto-handling of transfers with rejections
Auto-handling of transfers with rejections

Use the Edit Invoice Form to process rejected packages

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We're excited to announce we now support auto-handling of partial Metrc rejections! What does this mean? Upon delivery a transfer may contain packages that are rejected while other are accepted. Distru is here for you! The rejected packages will automatically reappear and the invoice in Distru can now be adjusted on the fly. Watch the video below for an overview of the process:

Screenshots and Step-by-Step

Sales order with a line item & no packages

Edit invoice form for a line item with no packages assigned

  • Since there are no packages, we just select Unassigned Quantity against this line item on the invoice

  • This allows us to invoice this line item even before we assign packages to it

Sales order with a line item which is partially fulfilled with 2 packages

Edit invoice form for a line item which is partially fulfilled with 2 packages

  • Choose which packages to include on the invoice for this line item

  • If you want to invoice this line item for the full quantity, you can choose the unassigned quantity as well as the packages

  • If you only want to invoice for the packages assigned to it, you can do that by removing the unassigned quantity from the packages section

Edit invoice after 2 packages from it are rejected

  • The packages will have a ‘Returned’ label on them

  • They are still on the invoice and are still taken into account when calculating the invoice total

  • Manually remove these from the invoice and save it

What does this effect ?

Since invoices are completely separate from inventory, available / reserved / active inventory are not affected by this feature in any way! There are a few other things to consider listed below:

  1. Quickbooks Online: The general rule is: we sync an invoice to QBO whenever it changes. When the transfer recipient rejects one or more packages, Distru creates a Return but the invoice is left unaltered; it still has the same total and the same invoice items. Therefore, nothing will sync to QBO until the invoice is updated as outlined above (for example, by deleting the invoice items flagged as returned). Only then will Distru push the updated invoice to QBO.

  2. Reporting: Invoice reporting is done on the current values of invoice items and invoice total values. Since Distru doesn't update invoices automatically when packages get rejected, no invoice reports will be affected by rejections. Once any updates are made an invoice, any related reports will reflect those changes.

  3. Taxes: Taxes are calculated based on invoice items. Since Distru is not auto-updating invoice items whenever packages get rejected, invoice taxes are not updated by rejections. Once you remove /add / edit an invoice item, the taxes on that invoice will be re-calculated.

  4. PDF: Since Distru is not auto-updating invoice items or invoice total whenever packages get rejected, the PDF print will remain as it was before the rejections. As soon as you update the invoice, the PDF print will reflect that new version of the invoice.

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