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Edit Metrc Purchase Orders After Completion
Edit Metrc Purchase Orders After Completion

Ability to edit cost and total on Metrc matched POs

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We've released a small improvement that allows the ability to edit the cost/total of line items associated with Metrc-matched purchase orders (POs that have already been completed).  Hopefully this fix will save us all some time! 

The Problem

Before this update, POs would auto-complete when importing incoming Metrc transfers as purchase orders (or matching existing POs to incoming transfers), causing the status to become completed and the line items to be uneditable, even though you could still update the dates and add charges / discounts etc. This was an issue because sometimes changes need to be made even if the PO is completed.

The Solution

We now have the ability to edit the cost and total on Metrc-matched purchase order line items after they've been marked as completed! Here's a step by step on how it works and what it does.

  • Click the empty space to the right of any Metrc PO# to open the Edit Purchase Order Form

  • On the PO edit form, you'll notice the fields for unit cost and total can be modified

  • Modify these fields as needed and the PO will update

  • As soon as you click outside the field, the new information will be saved. You don't even need to click 'Update' as the modifications will persist. 

  • This is to prevent accidental loss of changes if you were to click outside the edit form or if there were a crash. 

You'll notice that when you edit the unit costs and line item totals, any percentage based charges or discounts (taxes, etc) will update accordingly, along with the paid status and the total for the entire PO. 

Quickbooks Online Integration

Additionally, if your account is set up with Quickbooks integration, you'll notice a message appear briefly when making edits to any purchase order


This lets you know that the PO is syncing with your QB! 

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