Download the Product Upload Template

Then, fill in the fields as described below. Unless indicated otherwise, all fields listed below are required for the upload to work.

Once the Company Upload is completed, begin filling in the highlighted columns on the Product Upload Template. This is also a great opportunity to implement a clean naming convention across your entire catalog :)

Same as above, please avoid using symbols, only the following 12 will work.

~ # - $ / | % & ' ( ) .

Again, no commas, no colons, no accented letters, no emojis ūüėÖ If you must use symbols, please only choose from the twelve listed above.¬†

Use good naming convention! Examples:

[Brand] [Strain] [Product] [Volume/Weight]

Hmbldt | OG Kush | Vape | 0.5g


[Brand] [Category] [Strain] [Product] [Volume/Weight]

Big Budz | Flower | Durban Poison | Eighth Jar | 3.5g
Big Budz | Edibles | GSC | Gummies | 100mg

Chose whichever naming convention you'd like (we have a SKU generator available to help with this). Often it's the first 1-3 letters/numbers of each word in the product name like this: 

 Hmbldt | OG Kush | Vape | 0.5G.         >>>>>>        HMB-OGK-VAP-05g

The SKU can be very useful for reporting purposes! The more information we can capture using good naming convention, the better reporting will be!  


Unit Price
This should be the price per quantity that would appear on a sales order when the respective product is added to one. 

Unit Type
Add Metrc unit types here (gram, unit, etc)

(optional) This field isn't required but we recommend filling it out for future reporting! 

Product Group Name
(optional) Another way to organize your products is by group. This can be whatever you want (Brand, Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, CBD, etc. ) 

Note: The same character limitations apply here as with the 'Name' column! 

Company Relationship Name
This is the column for Vendor name associated with each product. Every name in this column will have to be in your Distru account for the upload to work! 

Ideally they are all included on the Company Upload.
Otherwise, navigate to Main Menu > Companies > Create Company.

If you are manufacturing / packaging the product, you are most likely the vendor. If you are buying it pre-packaged from another company, they should be the vendor.

Category Name
The names in this column will ideally match with corresponding Metrc Categories.  Add Categories by navigating to Main Menu > Settings > Customize Distru > Product Groups >  Create Category 

Subcategory Name
(optional) These names can be anything you want. Just like most of the items listed above, they will all need to be added in your Distru account in order for the Product Upload to work. 

Add Subcategories by navigating to Main Menu > Settings > Customize Distru > Product Groups > click the pencil icon next to the Category and then + Add Subcategory 

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