Customize taxes based on product and license type

This is particularly useful for leaving tax off separate sample SKUs and non-cannabis items!

For Example: CA Excise Tax

  • Go to Settings > Customize Distru > Taxes 
  • Click the little pencil icon next to CA Excise Tax 

  • This will open the Edit Tax Form....

  • On the Tax Tags field create a new tag called 'cannabis'
  • Also, check the boxes for Dispensary, Delivery and Retail
  • Click Update Tax

Product Tags

  • When creating new cannabis products (and for all existing ones):
  • Type 'cannabis' in the, Product Tag field on the Edit Product Form
  • Leave it off any non-cannabis items like batteries, accessories and apparel
  • Placing the cannabis tax tag on all cannabis items will ensure the excise tax is only applied to those items.

Company Categories 

  • When making new companies (and for existing companies):
  • Specify a Category that matches any of the boxes you checked
    on the Edit Tax Form.
  • New sales orders created for companies in those categories will auto-populate with the excise tax at the bottom. 
  • This will ensure it's always applied when it's required, while the tax tag ensures it's only applied to 'cannabis' products! 😃 

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