Sometimes entire transfers get rejected by the recipient and you need a way to manage that in Distru. For partially rejected transfers where one or more packages are rejected, but not the entire transfer, returns are automatically created in Distru, bringing the rejected inventory back to a state of 'returning' until they are accepted in your Metrc account, at which point the inventory goes back to being active. The sales order line item's value becomes zero'd so you don't need to edit anything on the sales order, but you do need to edit the invoice to remove the returned line item (which is marked with a return label so you know which one(s) to remove). 

When an entire order is rejected, returns are still created for the packages that were transferred, and follow a similar path. The sales order gets zero'd out but its still COMPLETED if it was matched to the transfer, which happens right away when you register a transfer created using Transfer Template functionality. However, you cannot edit the invoice and remove all the line items, because invoices need to have atleast one line item to exist. 

So in this case you have to delete the invoice altogether. If the customer wants an updated invoice, all you can do is send the invoice again with $0.00 and perhaps put a note in the 'Message to Customer' field saying that the invoice is voided.

On top of that, if you have a QBO integration, the returns that are automatically created will sync as a credit memo. This is also what is created when refunding your customers. The difference in this case is that distributors receive no money since payments are cash on deliveries and the whole transfer was rejected.

Also if you have QBO you can void the invoice in QBO (if it synced over successfully) and send it to the customer; then delete the credit note manually from QBO; then delete the invoice in Distru.

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