Payment Tracking

Drivers can collect signatures for payments. Payments are then received in Distru within the respective invoice. To receive payment click the ($) icon near the top right of the invoice.

Alternatively, clicking ‘Receive Payment’ will bring up a dialog box where you can edit the invoice details, including invoice number, payment date and more. Start by adding in the amount of the payment.

Payment Mode
When adding a payment, you will need to specify the ‘type’ of payment it is (i.e. cash, check etc.) If you don't see your option available, please create your options in settings > customize distru

Bank Charge
This is what your bank will charge for you to run this transaction. Leave it blank if you aren’t sure.

NOTE: Each payment in Distru syncs to QBO, but if you mark a payment inside QBO, it won’t reverse sync to Distru, so please only use Distru for making payments. Mark multiple payments as necessary until the invoice is paid in full.

Once a payment is made, click on the invoice number itself to go to the detail page, go to the ‘Payments’ section at the top (next to activity) and see all the payments associated with this invoice. 

Payments can also be voided if necessary which will sync and void the payment in QBO. They can also be deleted altogether, which will delete the payment inside QBO.

Dealing with samples

It's important to note that each line item can be invoiced separately!

Additionally, the same line item can be added more than once on a Sales Order (for example, when adding samples.

Packages can be assigned to line items after SO is created but most of the the time packages are assigned after invoice is created

When creating invoices for Sales Orders that contain duplicate line items (samples), make sure to change the price by +/- $0.001 on one of the duplicates then, after creating the first invoice, remove the samples.  Create a second invoice and the items removed from the first invoice will appear on the second one. 

Next up: Auto-handling of Partial Rejections

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