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Easily add, edit, and export batch numbers for Metrc users

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A field for batch numbers appears throughout our platform. Add and edit batch numbers at the package level to keep your inventory organized.

It can be found on the following forms:

  • Import packages form

  • Package listing column

  • Split package modal

  • Import incoming transfer form

  • Package details page

  • Create test sample modal

  • Export packages CSV

  • Sales order form

  • Match incoming transfer to PO form

  • Import outgoing transfer form

  • Match incoming transfer to SO form

  • Create assembly form

  • Transfer within license modal

  • Stock transfer modal

Import packages form

Add a batch number add the product level. All packages contained within will auto-populate with the same batch number which can then be changed for reach package if needed. 

Package listing table view

You can view a column of batch numbers in the table view for all packages. If you don't see the column, click the gear on the top right to customize the view. You can also sort the table view by the batches column by clicking "batch number".

Split package modal

Easily assign new Batch Numbers to new packages when splitting a source package. 

Package details page

View the Batch Number on any given package details page. Easily edit the number if needed or click to copy and then paste wherever needed. This is particularly useful for long batch numbers.

Import incoming transfer form

Assign and edit batch numbers to each package when creating a Purchase Orders from transfers. 

Create test sample modal

Batch number will auto populate from source package when creating test samples. The sample batch number can then be altered as needed.

Sales order form

Assign / edit batch numbers easily when assigning packages to products on the Sales Order form.

Match incoming transfer to PO form

Manually matching a Sales Order with a Metrc Transfer

Match incoming transfer to SO form

There are other smaller areas where you can find Batch Numbers in display-only fields. Some examples of these are:

  • SO details page where Packages are listed

  • SO & Invoice PDFs

  • Main search bar suggestions dialog

Export packages CSV

Go into Settings > Export Data > Export Packages to download a CSV of all packages in your system. This table now includes a column for batch number as well as Metrc Batch Number. 

We are working to add Batch Numbers to additional reports, check back here for updates! 

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