The Metrc system might be down

Throughout the state of California (or other states in some cases), third party Metrc integrators have been experiencing some Metrc activity failures because the Metrc API is experiencing outages. The outage is intermittent and hard to predict, but we are monitoring it closely. Help us hold Metrc accountable for their API outages here.

How can a Metrc API outage affect your activity?

  • Packages, items or strains created in Distru may take longer to sync to Metrc.

  • Finishing or unfinishing packages in Distru may take longer to sync to Metrc.

  • Adjusting the quantity of a package in Distru may take longer to sync to Metrc.

  • Transfer templates created in Distru may take longer to sync to Metrc.

  • Incoming and outgoing Metrc transfers may take longer to appear in Distru.

  • Packages that are attempting to sync will be locked in the Distru system until the sync pushes through. See below for workarounds.

The Metrc outage is affecting you if:

  1. You see a red banner at the top of Distru telling you that your Metrc account is experiencing API delays. If you see the banner, click the Metrc shield to see the status of your license(s).

  2. If there's a red dot 🔴 next to your license(s), we can't fetch or push data

  3. If there's an orange dot 🟠 next to your license(s), we are having trouble pushing or fetching data. If you hover over the dot, you'll see exactly what the issue it

  4. If there's a green dot 🟢 next to your license(s), everything is working fine

If you're experiencing issues, here's what to do:

  1. Deep breath. Distru will continue to attempt pushing information through until Metrc receives it.

  2. Continue using Distru as normal. Sync activities may be slower, but give it a little bit of time.

  3. Download our Chrome extension then watch this demo which will allow you to continue making packages in the Metrc UI with data automatically populated from the Distru assembly. This eliminates the the risk of discrepancy between their Distru and Metrc when the API returns.

  4. If you’re still experiencing failures more 30 minutes or longer, and are unable to continue waiting reference our workarounds below ⬇️

  5. Reach out to our support through our chat if you have any questions, we’re here to help you through this!

If you need to create assemblies:

  1. Create assemblies in Distru and then create the same packages in Metrc (this will alleviate issues later on)

  2. When you replicate that assembly in Metrc, it's really important to use the same label, unit type, quantity and item

  3. If you do the above correctly, when the API comes back on, Distru will automatically match these and mark the assembly as Complete, the Metrc activity as Complete and the Distru package as Active

If you need to create an invoice:

  1. Create a pending sales order in Distru (this will get you around reserved inventory issues)

  2. Create the invoice

  3. When the API comes back online, you can add packages and assemblies, then re-send the invoice

Helpful tip:

  • Try to get assemblies and transfer templates completed earlier in the day or late at night. We’ve noticed that the API timeouts start around 9:00 A.M. PT and improve around 9:00 P.M. PT.

What Distru is doing in the background:

  • Distru will auto-repair your packages. From now on every 10 minutes Distru will find all package discrepancies and auto-repair them. Any package that can't be auto-repaired will keep showing up in the Inventory Audit feed as usual. Company admins will get an email every night with the list of packages from their company that were auto-repaired.

  • Distru will auto-reconcile your assembly outputs with packages created in Metrc. We'll auto-match unsynced assembly outputs with packages in Metrc as long as the assembly output package and the Metrc package have the same label, quantity, unit type and Metrc item.

  • Distru will automatically backfill your transfers after a long Metrc outage. As soon as Metrc comes back online, we'll automatically backfill all transfers received or transferred out during the outage.

Here is what to do once Metrc connection is restored:

Reconcile or remove unsynced assemblies

1. Go to the assemblies table and check if any of them have a yellow circle or a red exclamation mark. These are the unsynced assemblies that you’ll need to either reconcile or remove.

2. Navigate to the page of the assembly with the red exclamation mark and click on Resolve Sync Issue.

3. Then click on Reconcile with Metrc Package. If this option is not available, it means Distru can’t find a Metrc package that could potentially be the same package that was created in the assembly, and therefore you need to Remove the assembly.

4. The reconciliation form allows you to match the assembly output with a package created in Metrc. Distru will provide one or many potential matches, but ultimately you make the call whether to reconcile or not.

The form has two modes:

If Distru found a single potential match for the assembly output, the form will look like this:

If Distru found multiple potential matches, the form will allow you to select one among them:

Import incoming transfers

As soon as the Metrc API comes back online, any incoming transfer you might have received during the Metrc outage will immediately be available in Distru for import as a Purchase Order.

Import outgoing transfers

As soon as the Metrc API comes back online, any outgoing transfer you might have sent out during the Metrc outage will immediately be available in Distru for import into any of your Sales Orders.

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