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In the Metrc-based flow, users can only set sales orders to have Pending  or Processing status. After that sales orders can only be completed when matched to a transfer, either manually or auto-matching when using the transfer templates flow. This makes it difficult to track shipment status because even though a sales order may be completed, it doesn't mean it has even shipped out yet!

So we recommend creating a custom field type: Dropdown by adding the following options (or your own options - it's your call!):

  1. Pending - which could be implied from a blank selection but if someone accidentally selects the wrong selection they would not be able to move it back to blank, thus having a ‘not scheduled’ option makes sense; i also don’t like the word scheduled because a schedule implies coordination of time - and the beginning part of this flow is just picking and packing so something could be packed and not scheduled or not packed and not scheduled so saying ‘scheduled’ doesn’t clarify

  2. Ready To Ship - between this step and the last the fulfillment team has gotten the order packed. This does imply that the order is actually ready to be shipped vs just being packed, but if that distinction doesn’t matter then Ready to Ship is fine

  3. Out For Delivery - i like this more than ‘delivering’ because thats too close to how ‘delivered’ looks, but yes same idea

  4. Successful Delivery

  5. Partial Rejection

  6. Full Rejection - i like the distinction between partial and full just because i think it gives an extra marker fo filtering and double checking what needs to be done because in full rejection the invoice needs to be deleted whereas in partial rejection invoices should only have the rejected line items removed, so having the ability to filter separately makes it much easier to audit if invoices were properly handled in each situation

Once set these options will not be editable as the article on custom fields shows, so please set them with thought and consideration. 

Please note that custom fields are by default not selected to have any option so the sales rep will need to set the status to Submitted - it won't happen automatically. 

Also note that custom fields cannot be made mandatory, and these can be changed by anyone who has the permissions to edit orders. 

Until Shipments become useful again we highly recommend doing this to better coordinate amongst your team and to keep everyone on the same page about a status. 

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