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Distru Product Roadmap
Distru Product Roadmap

See what the Distru team is working on

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We launched a product roadmap to provide visibility into what features and improvements are under consideration, what we are currently working on and what has launched.

In this article, you'll learn:

  1. How to access the roadmap

  2. How to upvote and add comments to features that are Under Consideration

  3. How to submit a new idea

You can access the roadmap in the Distru app under the Help & Support menu.

You can upvote and leave comments for any feature that's Under Consideration. Click on any card, choose how important this feature is to you, add comments to tell us why you want this feature and submit. Note you must confirm your email in order for us to see your vote and comments.

You can submit a new idea for us to consider. We encourage you to review everything Under Consideration and Coming Soon before you submit a new idea. Chances are, we might already be considering it!

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