That's right folks, you can track the status of your orders from start to finish, even once the Sales Order has been matched with its Metrc Transfer!

Utilize the Order Status dropdown:

Unmatched Sales Orders

Sales orders not yet matched with an outgoing Metrc Transfer can have the following statuses manually set by users:

  • Pending

  • Processing

  • Ready to ship

  • Delivering

  • Canceled - upon canceling an order, inventory will return to "Active/Available"

Matched Sales Orders

  • Once the Sales Order is matched with its Metrc Transfer, its status will automatically be changed to Delivered if it had a status preceding Delivered

  • A SO matched to a received Metrc Transfer can only have a Delivered or Completed status.

  • Any package associated to a Delivered SO will from now on have Sold status.

Pro-Tip: If all of the packages on an order were rejected, you can Unmatch the Sales Order from its Transfer and switch its status to Canceled


Default Status for Matched Orders

Settings > Company Settings

Select a default status that Sales Orders will be set to once they become matched with their Metrc Transfers.


Filter by Matched vs Non-Matched Orders

Considering that a Matched Sales Order could have a status other than Completed, you can use the Sales Order Table's filter to identify Matched vs Non-Matched orders.

Reach out to Distru's Support or your CSR for any questions 👋

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