What is Bill of Materials?

Bill of materials (BOMs) is a well-known concept in manufacturing that lists all materials and ingredients needed to manufacture a product. BOMs is a replacement for Assembly Presets in Distru.

Benefits of BOMs

1. Faster assemblies with fewer clicks: When creating assemblies, choosing an output product with BOMs auto-populates the ingredients and quantities based on the recipe.

2. Possible quantities for production planning: Now you'll be able to determine how many units of a product you can produce based on your inventory on hand.

What happened to my existing Assembly Presets?

You'll notice that you can no longer access Assembly Presets in the app. Don't panic, you don't have to do anything. Since BOMs works the same way, we converted your existing assembly presets as follows:

  1. All single output assembly presets were converted to BOMs automatically

  2. All multiple assembly presets with the same output product, we used your most recently created preset when converting it to BOMs

Where do I find my Assembly Presets that have been converted to BOMs?

Under Products, you'll see the BOMs icon next to any product that formerly had assembly presets. If you edit the product, and click the Bill of Materials tab, you can view or edit your "assembly presets" in the form of BOMs. Your products now have recipes 🔥

Creating New Assemblies

Assembly forms have not changed. You'll still put in your output product, but now if you have products with BOMs associated, it will automatically fill in ingredients and quantities for you.

Output products with BOMs will have an icon next to them denoting that it is a BOMs product.

This is the quickest way to create assemblies, so we recommend adding BOMs to your products:

If you choose output products without BOMs, you'll add ingredients and quantities manually, i.e. the assembly form will act the same as always:

How to Create BOMs

Edit any product, and click the Bill of Materials tab. You can either copy ingredients from existing products with BOMs, or add each ingredient manually:

Note, if you copy BOMs from an existing product, be sure to update the ingredients to match the BOM you're creating:

Click update product and you will be able to see possible quantities:

Possible Quantities

Now you can see how many units you can make with the inventory you have on hand:

If you don't have BOMs created for a product, you can configure BOMs:

Fill in BOMs per the instructions above, and then you will see possible quantities:

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