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How to Set Up a Zebra Printer for Windows OS
How to Set Up a Zebra Printer for Windows OS

Once you have your Zebra printer, we'll walk you through how to set it up on Windows OS

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How to set up Zebra Printer in Windows OS

This article is a guide through the setup and formatting of your label printer on a Windows computer. This article uses a Zebra printer as an example. If you have a different printer, we recommend you check the printer manual or the manufacturer's website for more information.

There are 3 easy steps how to set up a printer:

⏳ From start to end ~20-25 min.

Hardware Setup

Follow the manufacturer’s guide to plug in and set up your printer hardware. When you are finished, move on to the next step to set up your drivers.

Common Zebra Printer Instructions: Zebra Printers Support

Driver Setup

The next step is to set up a Zebra printer on your Windows.

  • On your Windows PC, navigate to ‘Settings’ and search for ‘Printers & Scanners’.

  • Select ‘Add a printer or scanner’.

  • If your printer shows as ‘Unspecified’ then you will need to install the correct drivers from the Zebra website. Check your Printer Documentation for more information on where to download the needed drivers before continuing.

  • After you successfully downloaded and installed drivers, your printer will show up in the ‘Zebra Setup Utilities' software.

Your Zebra is now added to your Printers & scanners system preferences. You can now set its printer default options.

Configure Printer Defaults

Configure Printer Defaults in Zebra Setup Utilities software. In Zebra Setup Utilities software you will set your default media size and type so the labels print the correct size and with the best quality.

  • Navigate to the ‘Zebra Setup Utilities’ software.

  • In the ‘Zebra Setup Utilities’ software click on ‘Configure Printer Settings’.

  • Set required label size and adjust all the necessary printing settings based on your printer type and label types. Click ‘Next’.

  • Go through the rest of the settings and modify them if needed. Save your changes by clicking ‘Finish’.

🎉 Congrats! You completed the printer setup. It’s time to design & print labels! Read How to Customize and Print Labels.


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