To get started printing customized labels from Distru you need a label printer and labels.

We recommend using Zebra printers for thermal labels (no color, quick and low maintenance). We have successfully tested these models and know they work best with our features and functionality. However there are many desktop label printers that can be used! The final labels will be generated as a PDF, so you can send it to any printer!

We've partnered with ShopPOS to provide you with a quick option to get started.

Go to to see a full list of popular printers and labels we recommend.

Ready to set up and order hardware & supplies?

We have dedicated support at Shop POS who you can contact directly.

Note: If there are any label sizes you don't see on our list of recommendations, they can help you find the right ones for your operation!

Once your hardware and supplies arrive, you can set up and start printing with these guides:

  1. How to Set Up A Zebra Printer for Mac OS

  2. How to Set Up a Zebra Printer for Windows OS

  3. How to Customize and Print Labels

For any assistance, contact our Support team either through the chat bubble or by emailing [email protected]

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