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Expiring Inventory and FIFO
Expiring Inventory and FIFO

How to track expiration dates of packages

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First In, First Out!

Ensure you're always consuming or selling the soonest-to-expire inventory by adding expiration dates to your packages!

The best time to assign an expiration date is upon intake, which can be done through a Purchase Order or the Import Packages tool.

Click the Metrc Shield icon to begin importing packages

Purchase Order

Import Packages

You can also add expiration dates to existing packages by clicking Edit Package

Where can I see the expiration date of my packages?

  • Reserving/Fulfilling Packages on a Sales Order

    Packages with the soonest expiration date are automatically sorted to the top!

  • Selecting Ingredients on an Assembly

  • Packages Table

  • Packages Export CSV

See your soon-to-expire packages right on your dashboard by adding a widget

To expose the widgets, click the customize button at the top of your dashboard, then click Edit on the dashboard you wish to change

If you have any questions please reach out to our support team through the chat bubble!

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