By creating and assigning a Fulfillment Task on a Sales Order, the assignee will be able to view and fulfill the line item information in realtime as they pick and pack units off the shelf! Scan barcodes or QR codes to ensure the correct information is transmitted every time!

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How to Fulfill Orders Using the Mobile App

How the Sales Team members will create a Fulfillment Task that can be assigned to the Distribution Team members, which simplifies and tracks the progress of picked and packed line items during fulfillment for instant/automated communication.

Create and assign a Fulfillment Task

The Task feature has many uses, but we added a special one called Fulfillment Tasks that will show up in the Mobile App, and connect the user's realtime actions to the Sales Order on the Web App.

There's two ways to create a Fulfillment Task inside of the Web App

  1. When you are creating a Sales Order

  2. On an already created Sales Order via the 3-dot menu

To edit the Task Assignee or Due Date, see the Task Feed on the Sales Order (bottom right). Click into the Task Name to view and edit the task details

The Fulfillment Task will now show up in the Mobile App!

Managing Your Tasks

Log into the Mobile App, and go to Tasks

Open Tasks are Fulfillment Tasks that are either unassigned or assigned to a different team member other than yourself. You can click on any task and Claim it so that teams can be flexible with different orders. Teamwork makes the dream work! Click on a Task to claim it if it's not already assigned to you.

My Tasks are all tasks that have been assigned to you.

Reserve, Pick, and Pack the Order

Click on one of your Tasks or Claim one to get started. You'll be brought to a page showing all line items on the Sales Order.

Each line item has an individual fulfillment status, which is indicated by the color. As packages change status within, the line item will update accordingly

Pro Tip: Avoid changing a Sales Order that has already been fulfilled by checking the Pick/Pack status within the desktop version!

Reserving a package

If order line item does not have a package previously reserved before fulfillment, you can scan in a package or multiple packages that will fulfill the request to reserve the order quantity before those packages get used for something else!

Click on the line item, which will open your camera or laser scanner. Scan the tag/label that you want to add to the order. This will reserve the order quantity, and save a pending assembly on that package (If the order is for 10 units and the package contains 50, it will make a pending assembly that is reserving the 10 units without making a new tag).

Swipe to the right to move onto the next line item that needs packages reserved. If there's no more line items you can move straight to Repackaging, or if you have steps in your workflow that require physical verification before creating the new package in Metrc, move on to Picking!


Let the team see that you've physically removed the order quantity from the shelf! Before a new Metrc tag gets created and before the item gets packed into a shipping box, its best practice to verify that the correct product/batch/quantity was pulled from the shelf. By marking the package or line item as Picked, you can indicate that the quantity has been retrieved but still needs verification before sending.

Click the 3 dot menu on the package and select Pick Package. If there are multiple packages or cases on the line item, you can mark them all as Picked simultaneously with the 3 dot menu at the top of the line item instead of the individual packages.

If you have Case Scanning turned on for the product, simply scan the label for each case to mark them Picked as you go! (To turn on Case Scanning, edit the product within the desktop app and check the box for Case Scanning and specify the units per case.

When you have Picked all of the packages quantities or cases required to fulfill the order, you'll see the order item turn Blue!


We have a separate flag to represent that the physical quantity for the order has been Packed into the shipping container that will be delivered to the customer (Never forget what is already in the van!).

Just like when you are Picking, you can mark each package or line item as Packed with the 3 dot menu or by scanning each tag/case as you put it in the box or vehicle.

After you have marked all of the packages quantities or cases required to fulfill the order, you'll see the order item turn Green!

Repackaging (Creating new Metrc Tags for the order)

Just like in the desktop app, you can create the new Metrc tags for each line item that will be put on the manifest to the destination. Click the 3 dot menu on the line item and select Finish Repackaging.

This will open the repackaging view, giving you confirmation of exactly what is being sent to Metrc. You'll see the Metrc Item name, the quantity of the new package, and the batch number from the source package for extra confirmation.

Click the Scan Metrc Tag button and scan the Metrc tag that you are assigning to the line item. This ensures that only the correct tag is used. Once you've scanned your new tag number, click Assemble & Assign to create the new package.

Once the order has all of the tag numbers that will be sent, all you need is to register the transfer manifest in Metrc! If you need help with creating the manifest see this article or reach out to the Chat Bubble!

Cultivation Harvest Module is coming soon! 🌱

Need barcodes to scan? Learn how to print labels here!

If you need any help getting set up, contact [email protected] or give us a shout in the chat bubble!

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