You will want to make sure you have the following before harvest day

  1. Compatible scale

  2. Bluetooth adaptor

  3. Phone

That's all you will need to start. If you are unsure where to get these we have set up a store with compatible hardware so you can get it all in one place. If you already have a scale - HECK YA! Just check below for compatibility. 😃

If you don't currently have hardware or want to explore optimal setups, use our What-to-buy suggestions.

Once you have your hardware follow our before harvest day checklist to ensure everything is set up before harvest day.

What-to-buy suggestions

Based on our experience we have curated a few packages that will ensure you are ready to harvest.

Single plant harvest starter kit

  1. Ranger 3000 6lbs

  2. SerialIO BlueSnap DB9-M6A Bluetooth Adapter

  3. BlueSnap & WiSnap Power Cable -- male DB9 version only

  4. Wire rack

  5. Hook

  6. Wireless Bluetooth Scanner

*Pro-tip get two of everything above for faster harvesting.

Tote harvest starter kit

  1. Defender 3000 or Ranger 3000 60lbs

  2. SerialIO BlueSnap DB9-M6A Bluetooth Adapter

  3. BlueSnap & WiSnap Power Cable -- male DB9 version only

Compatible Scales

Any OHaus scale with an RS232 port should generally be compatible.

Single plant weighing

Tote weighing

  • Ranger 3000 60lbs

  • Defender 3000

  • Defender 5000 - D52

    • Acceptable variants of Defender 5000 D52 (Non-washdown versions ONLY —washdowns require additional setup and routing. Please contact support if you have purchased a washdown variant of the scale)

      • Ohaus Bench Scale, Defender 5000 Model D52P25RTR1 * Capacity: 50 x 0.01 lb (25 kg x 5 g) * Platform Size: 12" x 14" * Legal for Trade

      • Ohaus Bench Scale, Defender 5000 Model D52P50RQL2 * Capacity: 100 x 0.02 lb (50 kg x 10 g) * Platform Size: 18" x 18" * Legal for Trade

If you’re interested in using a different scale, please contact us and we can suss it out for compatibility and find the best solution for your setup.

* Tote vs single plant weighing depends on your state allows. Please look up your state laws to decide which you should do.

Supported Adapters and Accessories

*Do not purchase an OHaus Bluetooth adapter. It is not compatible. Only purchase the one above.


Every operation is different below are items we've seen operations use.

  • Bluetooth Scanners - some prefer over using a phone camera for scanning tags.

  • Holders

    • Phone holder

  • Phone enhancers

    • Phone camera HPS color correcting lenses

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