We know...there is so much to be thinking about when running an operation so we created this checklist to help and give your team the best shot at a smooth harvest day! 🥳

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  1. Ensure you have compatible hardware

  2. Make sure all your hardware is charged (phones, bluetooth adaptors, etc.)

  3. Download the Distru app and make sure your log in is working (use same login as your distru web app account)

    1. iOS App

    2. Android App

  4. Connect your scale to Distru app

  5. Follow scale setup instructions

That's it! You are ready for harvest day!


Q: Where is the best place to set up my station?

A: Can be advantageous to set up your station where you have power, if you don't have power then ensure everything is charged + getting rechargeable batteries for your scales may be warranted. Having separate tables for each scale helps to avoid scale bounce. Do not place station near fans to avoid scale bounce.

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