Now that you've got your hardware, set up via our checklist, and ready to weigh plants - let's do it!

Watch the full flow here:

  1. Open and log in to your Distru app on your phone

  2. Click the three lines on the bottom left corner (we call this the hamburger menu 🍔)

  3. Click rooms

  4. Click the room you want to harvest

  5. Click the strains you don't want to harvest in that room, if any

  6. Click harvest at the top right of your screen

  7. Click a harvest group you want to add these plants to

    1. If there are none made that you want to add them to go ahead and create a new harvest group.

    2. Name your harvest and who it's grown for

    3. Click continue to harvest group


  9. Scan your plant tag, then the next, and so on

* If using a bluetooth scanner rather than phone camera for scanning tags - connect your bluetooth scanner to your phone using bluetooth scanner instructions then in the distru app click the 3 lines > click the barcode symbol vs photo symbol.

When in doubt while navigating the app click the 3 lines or the three dots where you see them for more options.

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