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Ohaus Defender 5000 Setup Instructions
Ohaus Defender 5000 Setup Instructions
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Hardware Requirements

In order to setup your Ohaus Defender 5000 to automatically send weights to the Distru app during teardown, you'll need the following hardware (all can be found at the Distru Hardware Store):

    1. Note: This scale is ideally used for bulk/tote weighing. If you are weighing individual plants, this scale is not suitable for you.

Once you have your hardware, make sure your scale is charged and turned on, then follow these steps:

Setting up your scale

  1. Connect your BlueSnap adapter to the RS232 port at the back of the scale's screen interface

  2. Turn on the scale

Configuring your scale for Bluetooth

  1. Hold the User button to navigate to the main menu

    1. Note: Some older models don't display CAL, in that case, move onto Step 2

  2. Select the option that says "7. Communication / RS232 / Configuration", and ensure the following:

    1. Baud Rate is set to 9600

    2. Parity is set to 8 None

    3. Stop Bits is set to 1 bit

    4. Handshake is set to None

  3. Select the option that says "7. Communication / RS232 / Setup"

    1. Ensure/set assignment mode to Interval with 1 second as the interval

Last Step

Once you've done all of the above, you'll need to ensure your scale is in Weighing Mode (you can see this by a scale icon at the top left of the screen interface).

Now you should be able to see your Bluetooth scale appear in the Distru app when you try to connect lie like so:

On your harvest screen, click on the "Pair" button:

Wait a few seconds and you should see your BlueSnap device:

Please contact us if you have any questions via the chat bubble in Distru :)

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