Sometimes your customers will need to return certain items, either because they didn't need them or because there was something wrong with a particular batch you sold. Since we don't have an exchange option at the moment, you will need to accept the return of however much quantity the customer is returning and mark that in your sales order. This will allow you to either mark the returned items as waste, or to restock them. 

Check out the following video for an example of how to handle a return:

Full line item return: To create a return follow the process in the video above. Once you mark the return as completed (returns have statuses), you have to edit the invoice to manually delete the line item.

Partial line item return: This will show new Qty on your SO line item and not reflect on the invoice line item. To fix the invoice delete the line item and re-add on the invoice this will add the line item back at the correct qty. If that does not work you will have to discount the invoice for the returned amount.

Taxes Consideration: Let's say an SO has 2 line items ($1000 and $500 in this example), and 1 line item ($500) gets returned. The excise tax calculated on the SO is calculating on BOTH line items (24% of 1500 which is $360), even though 1 line item is returned, and adding to the subtotal which is the one remaining line item ($1000), giving us $1360. 

IMPORTANT: Credit is not stored for a customer in Distru and do not auto-apply to future invoices for that customer; returns only sync as credit memos if you have Quickbooks Online integrated. 

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