Run a variety of reports from purchases to sales to inventory. Watch the video below to get a high level overview of the types of reports Distru offers:

Filter, Schedule and Share

Look for these three icons in the top right.

Click the filter list icon to open the filters for each report. Set filters as desired and click apply. Pro Tip: Set the date filter to "More than 0 days" to capture all dates.

Click the down arrow and choose either a CSV or PDF version of the report. PDFs are good for sharing, CSVs are good for analysis and deeper dives using a spreadsheet as they include more columns and data than the reports that appear inside Distru (more on this in the next article.) Any filters set will be applied to the downloaded file.

Click the envelope to email filtered reports directly or schedule reports to be sent regularly to any email address.

Enter email address(es), select time interval and schedule. Pro Tip: Schedule your Inventory Valuation report weekly to analyze historic inventory levels (more on this below).


Each of the available reports are shown with titles and screenshots below. Bear in mind that downloading the CSV for each one (as explained above) will provide more columns and details.

Sales By Product

Sales By Company

Sales By User

Purchase By Product

Purchase By Company

Inventory Valuation

Transaction History

Sales Order History

Sales Order Item History

Invoice History

Purchase Order History

Sales Order Tax

Order Fulfillment Matrix

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