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Step 3a: Creating New Packages in Metrc
Step 3a: Creating New Packages in Metrc
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If your state has been on Metrc i.e. CA then your packages will already be in your Metrc account. Packages come from an incoming transfer only from another license. You can move to the next step.

New Metrc States

Once items /products have been added in Metrc, the next step is to create your packages in Metrc for the initial inventory on hand. 

To begin, go to Admin > Tag Orders in Metrc to make sure your tags are received. If they aren't, mark your current tag order as Received.

Next, go to Packages > Active and click New Packages

  1. Tag your inventory with the package tags you have received and record that in Metrc. Try to select tags as sequentially as possible.
    NOTE: Tags from your difference licenses will have the same starting and ending sequences, the middle sequence of numbers will however be different. So please double check the entire tag and not just the last few digits.

  2. For the unit type, select the same unit type as the Item that the package will belong to.

  3. Once tag is selected, you select the item in a same way.

  4. The quantity will be the exact amount. (For example, if you are tagging eighths, it will be the total gram value, not the number of eighths.)

  5. Package Date: set it for the day you are marking it

  6. You only check the Production Batch box if you are changing form, such as distillate to cartridge etc. Production batch would also be when you're mixing different types of items, such as creating a sample pack from different pre-rolls. NOTE: Since you are only adding your beginning inventory, we are not sure if you need to select this. We will update this when we know the answer. 

  7. What a production batch ISN'T is when it's the same form, such as when you take bulk capsules and breaking them into Child packages; but when you combine different flavors of a product, that IS a production batch.

  8. For more insight into batch size limits, check out this article

  9. Lastly, attach the top portion of the corresponding package UID tag to the physical container/package that holds the cannabis goods batch. The bottom portion of the UID tag can be kept for your records.
    NOTE: A package UID tag should NOT be attached to each individual product in the batch. It only needs to be attached to a container. If there are multiple containers with the same batch, you can photocopy the tag and add it to the additional containers.


DO NOT do it yourself without being trained by us first. 

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