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Creating Products In Distru
Creating Products In Distru

The purpose of this article is to aid in the creation of Products within Distru.

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How to Create a Product in Distru

Start by going to the Main Menu, and choose Inventory < Products

In the Products Page, click Create Product

You'll be taken to a menu on the right side of the screen with a few more options.

Package-Tracking Products

Package-Tracking Products are associated with any Cannabis product. Use this option for creation of any items that you will want to track in both Distru and Metrc.

Product-Tracking Products

Product-Tracking Products can be associated with non-cannabis items that do not need to be grouped in any manner.

Batch-Tracking Products

Batch-Tracking Products can be associated with any type of Product with different batches, or expiration dates, that are not Cannabis or Metrc Tracked products.

After making your selection, another page with further options will open:

Every Field with an Asterisk (*) next to the title indicates that it is a Required Field.

*There are 3 MAJOR aspects of creating Products in Distru:

This will help in the future in terms of search-ability and reporting.

Naming Convention

Your product names in Distru (cannabis touching, and not necessarily packaging etc.) can be based on recommended naming conventions (page 3 in article link) and you can use these as you add more products in the future. Keep in mind, these are simply suggestions for ease of use and organization.

In short, the suggested naming convention is as follows:

Brand | Flavor Type | Size

Here are some examples:

Friendly Farms - Flower - Blueberry Kush - Bulk

Friendly Farms - PreRoll - Blueberry Kush - 1g

Friendly Farms - PreRoll Pack - Gelato - 1g (5 units)

Distillate (bulk)

Friendly Farms - Cart - Banana Kush - 1g

NOTE: No special characters allowed beside ~, #, -, $, /, |, %, &, ', (), and . 


Create a unique SKU for each product; we recommend following a schema that makes sense and is indicative of the product you are selling

NOTE: this is different from barcodes or RFID tags which will have their own ID number generated


You should name your categories in Distru as close to their corresponding Metrc Categories as possible. Distru allows any license type to create any and all of the required Metrc categories. New accounts will be created with all categories pre-populated, so feel free to delete any you don't plan to use via Settings > Customize Distru > Product Categories.

Unit Type

When adding an item in Metrc, it will require you to select a Category before you can select the Unit Type. Once you select the category, you will see options for unit type that you can select:

For weight, Kilograms, Grams, Milligrams, Pounds, Ounces, Tons, etc.
For volume: Fluid Ounces, Liters, Milliliters, Gallons
For count: Unit (Same as 'Each' in Metrc)

These unit types are Metrc-compatible and you will need to use these unit types for your Metrc-enabled products.

Sometimes naming products, especially cases, can be complicated. If you are creating cases, the unit weight you will put is the weight per UNIT, not the entire case. 

Other Fields


If it is your own product, put your own Company Name as you typed in the Company Name field in Company Info section of Settings. Or, associate the appropriate Vendor saved in your CRM.

*Pro-Tip: Name - If you carry the same strain from multiple vendors, you’ll need unique name for each product because you can’t have duplicate product names. So if you carry Blue Dream from 2 vendors, you would need to add some kind of variant at the end to distinguish each product (either with numbers or letters: Flowkana - Blue Dream, Humboldt’s Finest - Blue Dream 2, Canndescent - Blue Dream 3 and so forth

Product Image / Description / Menu Enablement

It helps to have images as these products can be toggled to be visible on the menu. Check [show in menu] if you want this product to be available on the menu.

Sales Price

This is the price per quantity that is pre-filled inside a sales order when you select this product, and you can edit the price after.

Purchase Cost

This is the price per quantity that is pre-filled inside a purchase order when you select this product, and you can edit the price after

Product Tags

Tags can be used to associate particular taxes to a product and for filtering by tags in the Products page. You may use as many tags as you want.

Quickbooks Products

You can create sales and expense chart of accounts in Quickbooks Online and associate products to those accounts. For example, you can create an Edibles chart of account with Type Sale of Product Income associate an edible category product to that account.

NOTE: You will have to have a Quickbooks Online account connected to Distru to make this work.

Additional Info

Fields such as CBD and THC are not required but can aid in finding products with certain potency levels. You can either put the levels for the whole product if it has multiple servings or put the quantity per serving - it’s up to you.

Wholesale Price

We don’t recommend using this but if you want, you can goto Settings and switch all pricing to use wholesale price, but you will have to disable it if you want sales order prices pre-filled with the Sales Price you have entered.

Make Inactive

If you check this box, the product will become inactivated and you will not be able to enter it on Sales Orders etc.

*Note: Inventory for the product needs to be at zero in order to inactivate

Always Ask For Help

Please reach out and ask for help if you are unsure about how to setup your products as this is a very important step in your Metrc onboarding. 

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