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Creating Assemblies
Creating Assemblies

This article will go over how to create Pending and Finished Assemblies in Distru for Production and Fulfillment Purposes

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Assemblies are used whenever you convert something into something else, such as bulk flower into packaged 1/8ths or pre rolls. Whether you need to create a sample box or do an extraction, assemblies will take 'ingredients' which are your products, and convert them into output(s). Check the video below for an example of how assemblies and assembly presets work

In order to use assemblies, your packages must be in Distru and be active.

What's different about Metrc-synced assemblies? Metrc-synced assemblies differ from non-Metrc assemblies in that:

  1. Assemblies will automatically be completed if created; unless you want to create a pending assembly that reserves inventory of the ingredients.

  2. You don't need to specify a separate destination for output product; the output will be created in the same facility as where the ingredient(s) are pulled from.

  3. There is a production batch checkbox that you must specify if you are manufacturing products / changing product composition where: products do not need to be compatible and input quantities do not have to match output quantities (i.e. 1000g trim being turned into 100g of crude etc.); and products must be compatible, whereas in non-production batches they do.

NOTE: Production Batch should be the final form batch that the COA test sample is generated from. Thus in addition to Production Batches being used for manufactured goods, you would use them for anytime we're mixing flower strains (whether directly in a new product such as an eighth or creating an assortment pack) or creating pre rolls, we'll use production batch. 

Create Assembly

To begin, click Create Assembly from the Assembly Table List view or from the Quick Create + icon on the top right of your Distru Screen.

Next, select "YES", Metrc to create a Metrc-synced assembly and begin by selecting a Metrc Licensed Facility:

Production Batch

If you are changing form, such as creating an Infused Preroll where you combine oil and flower, or extracting trim to oil, or creating an edible etc., you will toggle on 'Is Production Batch'. If you are simply packaging flower or combining things to make an assortment pack, you will NOT toggle it on.

The official definition of a Production Batch is as follows: An amount of a cannabis product or concentrate produced in one production cycle using the same formulation or extraction methods and standard operating procedures, and intended to have uniform character and quality. A Production Batch can be used to manufacturer another product or is repackaged for sale.

Simply put, anything that is not a production batch must have the input and output quantities match, because a non-production batch does not entail transformation of product.

Output Product

Next, you will need to add your output product which is a product you've created in Distru. If you haven't added it, you can go ahead and create it first before doing the assembly, and the easiest way to do that is to open a new tab, load Distru and create the product. Then you can come back to this tab and search for it. 

Secondly, you will have to also select the corresponding Metrc item. If this is your first time using this product in an assembly, you will need to search for the Metrc Item. Moving forward you will still need to select the Metrc item but it will be available as one of the suggested items to select instead of having to search for it.

Next, you will need to select a Metrc package tag that you have not yet used, which you will have to copy over from inside Metrc or anywhere you might have that stored. 

Lastly, select the quantity you want to use, and the unit type. The unit type will default to the output product's unit type but you will be able to select other unit types in the same family as the product.


Here you can add all the ingredients that will go into the assembly, including non-Metrc-synced products, as long as at least one ingredient is a Metrc-synced, package-tracked product.

Initiate and Complete

When ready, click Initiate and Complete and you will be presented with a Confirm Sync to Metrc dialogue box which you can confirm by clicking submit and you are set. If something doesn't look right, just hit cancel and adjust things on the assembly prior to completion.

Once you are done, you will see the completed assembly in the Assembly list table and it will have a green dot on the left indicating it has synced to Metrc.

When this is done, be sure to affix the physical package tag to the new package, using the corners of the tag, rather than attaching the full tag to the container. This way the package tag can be pulled off and placed on a new container if needed. If there are multiple containers, you could photocopy the original tag and apply it to the additional cases. Be sure to NOT create your tags and ONLY use the tags supplied by the state (aside from the case mentioned above).

Assembly Not Syncing?

Sometimes you may see an error as the following, which means the assembly isn't syncing, which could be because the category of the product in Distru isn't compatible with the category of the item in Metrc.

To fix this, please ensure that the categories match.

Selected wrong product for output?

If this happens, you will not be able to change the product the package belongs to, which can be only be done if you imported a package into the wrong product. If this happens, you may have to do another assembly to fix this where you select the output package you created and turn it into another package with the right product.

Another option is to discontinue the output package you created in Metrc and then do an assembly again.

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