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Create Assemblies Now, Save and Complete Later!

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New to Assemblies or need a refresher? Read This First

Set yourself up for success!

We support creating assemblies now and saving them for later! Please note a few important things on the Packages Page before getting started:

Columns on the Packages Page:

  • Assembling - any grams in package currently in use for pending assembly (created not completed)

  • Available - any grams in package not planned for use for pending assembly

  • Quantity - for all active packages, sum of assembling + available for selling/sold = last known total quantity

Package Statuses:

  • Assembling = Packages entirely consumed by a pending assembly

  • Active = active packages with a quantity in the assembling column are considered active as well as partially assembled.

Create New Assembly

  • From the Quick Create Menu (or on the Assemblies Page) choose 'Create Assembly'

  • Select Products, Package Tags, and specify quantities (inputs & outputs)

  • Partially assembling packages appear in the list of packages to choose from, displaying available quantity beneath the package label.

  • Click Initiate to save for later


Pending State

Once an assembly is created and saved for later completion, details can be viewed from the following pages:

From the Assembly details page:

  • Assembly in pending status is not yet synced to Metrc

  • Output package has not been created yet and will not be clickable

From the Product details page:

  • Assembling quantity will be displayed on the top right

  • Product breakdown by package will show packages in Assembling status as well as partially assembling or Active packages with some quantity saved in one or more pending assemblies.

  • The available quantity from any Active package can be used in other assemblies or sales orders.

Important distinction to note:

  • Product available quantity = product quantity not Selling or Reserved on an order.

  • Package available quantity = quantity of any Active package that isn't saved in a pending assembly.

From the input Package details page:

  • When the entire quantity of a package is saved in pending assemblies the package will appear with Assembling status.

  • Packages in Assembling status will not be an option for use elsewhere in the software as the entire contents are spoken for

For Use Elsewhere

Partially assembling packages can be used for additional assemblies by repeating the steps above, as well as for creating Sales Orders. Selecting a partially assembled package on a Sales Order will trigger the Inline Repackaging workflow.

If the available quantity matches the order quantity simply 'Assemble a New Package'

If not, you will need to assemble new package(s) to fit the order quantity,

  • If available quantity of partially assembling package is more than the order quantity, assemble a new package to fit the order

  • If available quantity of partially assembling package is less than the order quantity, assemble a new package with total available quantity from partially assembling package then add / assemble additional package(s) to make up difference!









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