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Creating a Metrc Sales Order
Creating a Metrc Sales Order

Metrc only

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Creating a Metrc Sales Order

Metrc only


Each of the Sales Order sections are now collapsable! Click on the grey bar above each section to collapse or expand, making it easy to navigate large orders!

Creating the Sales Order

This begins in the same way, whether integrated with Metrc or not.

Step By Step

  • Quick Create using the "+" sign in the top right corner

  • Or go to Main Menu > Sales > Sales Orders > Create Sales Order

Customer Info

  • Order Status - In top right corner of the order, change the status of where in the life cycle this order is. See more on order statuses below

  • Owner (Sales Rep) - The Sales Rep that made the sale (Important for calculating performance)

  • Order Date - Defaults to current date, but can be set to a future date to reserve inventory

  • Customer - The Company that this Sales Order is for

  • Billing + Shipping Address - Select a location for the Billing and Shipping addresses which will be printed on the PDF. The shipping address will also populate when sending the transfer details to Metrc

  • Delivery Date - The date this order will be delivered to the Customer

  • Due Date - The date that payment will be due for this Sales Order

  • Inventory Source - Default Inventory Source to fulfill the line items from (Each line item can have the inventory source modified individually as well)

  • Create Fulfillment Task - Creates a Task that can be assigned to a fulfillment user, with a due date to pack and fulfill the Sales Order (Fulfillment Tasks can be completed via the Distru Mobile App which can utilize barcode and case scanning)

  • Internal Notes - Notes for your own team, that will not be displayed on the customer-facing document

  • Message to Customer - Send a message to the Customer that will be printed on the Sales Order PDF as well as the Invoice PDF

  • Making use Custom Fields can be useful for tracking shipment statues.

Order Line Items

  • Click the Add button to add a line item

  • Select Distru products, source location, quantity, and adjust pricing

  • Add a note to the line item to relay any additional information to fulfillment or the customer

  • Check the box on the right to indicate if the item is a sample

    • California: This will exclude the line item from Excise Tax calculation

Reserve specific Packages based on batch potency

  • Click the grey Packages bar beneath the line item to select which packages should be used to fulfill the line item

    • Each package on the dropdown list will show the Batch ID, Total THC %, and Expiration date allowing you to sell inventory however your SOP requires

  • Selecting a package will automatically reserve the package and prevent it from accidentally being used for another sale or assembly. If the package is bigger than the requested Line Item Quantity, only the requested quantity will be reserved and a Pending Assembly will be created.

This allows the Sales Team to reserve and sell inventory from a specific batch and potency!

  • The pending assembly can be completed immediately, or later by a fulfillment team member with Metrc access via Inline Repackaging to assemble new packages on the fly!

Additional Charges/Discounts

  • Type - Charge or Discount

  • Name - Description of the charge or discount

  • Unit Type - Percentage or Price

  • Discount/Charge - Type in the value of the percentage or price you want to discount or charge


  • Tax - Select a tax that has already been created in your account

  • Tax Rate - The rate that the selected tax is calculated by

  • Applied to X Line Items - Click here to see which line items are included in the tax calculation (Samples are not included)

  • Learn more about Taxes here

  • Click Submit, Save (or Save & Invoice to automatically create invoice)

Note: Invoices by default have the same date as the Sales Order. A different date with payment terms can be set in theInvoice Details Page.

If you open the Sales Order again and click submit, you will be prompted to update the invoice. This will update the date on the invoice to once again reflect the date on the Sales Order!

Tracking Order Status

Before your Sales Order has been matched with a registered Metrc Transfer, it can be set to Pending, Processing, or Ready to Ship.

Once it has been matched with its Transfer, it can then be set to Delivering, Delivered, or Complete.

If you need to change a Sales Order's status to Canceled, you will first have to unmatch it from its Metrc Transfer. This can be done by voiding or altering the transfer via Metrc, or by selecting "Unmatch from Metrc Transfer" on the Sales Order in Distru.

Then you can edit the Order to update its status. Setting an Order to Canceled retains the record of the Order, but returns all Order Line Items to your Available inventory.

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