You can choose to add custom fields to enhance workflow, create custom statuses, track documents in different ways and add layers of organization. These can be set up on entity in Distru that has a table / list view such as: sales orders, invoices, purchase orders, products, companies, assemblies.

Creating a Custom Field

  • Browse to a table page

  • Click the gear on the right and choose Create Custom Field

  • Name and customize the field as you like. 

  • For all custom fields except type: Date, you can turn on filtering, which will allow you to filter that page by that particular field, as well as any report that is based off that entity, such as Sales Order History Report which is based off of Sales Order table page. 

  • Click Create Custom Field

  • Custom fields will appear where applicable in the edit form of a given document (for example, on the Sales Order Edit Form, below the notes)

Editing a Custom Field

Custom fields, once made, can only have its name and description edited by going to settings > customize distru > custom fields.

You cannot, however, edit the options, so if you created a drop down custom field, you will not be able to edit the custom field and add more options or change existing ones. This is why we recommend defining the options properly up front in a way that won't require editing as your operation scales.

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