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Metrc transfer templates make it easier to create an outgoing Metrc transfer by pre-filling package and recipient info.

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Save time, avoid mistakes, and track inventory allocation with the transfer template feature. Please read through this fully, especially the Q&A at the bottom as this will impact your workflows.

Background: What are transfer templates?

Metrc does not allow 3rd party integrators (like Distru) to create or modify transfers on behalf of users. However, they have provided a "transfer template" feature which enables most of the information in a transfer to be pre-filled when creating a transfer. 

Distru can push a Sales Order to Metrc as a transfer template and automatically update it any time changes are made to the order.

You can save time, avoid mistakes, and have better insight over inventory allocation by assigning packages in Distru and using the transfer template feature. 

Using Transfer Templates

Instead of manually creating transfers in Metrc, you can now push a transfer template with most things filled out and easily turn that into a transfer using the following steps:

  1. Create Sales Order

  2. Assign Packages

  3. Create "Metrc Transfer Template"

  4. "Use" the template to create a Metrc Transfer and register it

  5. Transfer auto-matches to Sales Order in Distru, marking it as "Delivered"

  6. View / Print Manifest (in Metrc)

  7. If a transfer is rejected entirely, you can unmatch the transfer with the sales order, and then. mark the order as "cancelled"!

👉 This may affect your workflows so please consult with your team regarding your SOPs.

Create Sales Order and Assign Packages

Sales orders consist of line items. Each line item specifies a product, an inventory source, a quantity, and a price. With Distru's new transfer templates support, a Distru user is able to assign Packages to those line items to fulfill the order.

Before a transfer template can be created, packages must be assigned to the line items in a sales order. Assign packages on the sales order form by clicking "Add Packages To Item," located underneath each line item.

This tells Distru which packages are being used to fulfill that specific order, which will then be used to populate the transfer template.

For example: If a sales order consists of a line item for 50 grams of Product A, the Distru user must fulfill it by assigning one or more packages of Product A totaling 50 grams. When this is done, the line item will be fulfilled.

Using In-Line Repackaging

With our new feature out, you can assemble and assign new packages with ease. If you select a package that is bigger in size than the quantity specified on the line item, you will be prompted to see if you would like to split that package into quantity specified on the line item. 

If you click assemble a new package, it will show you the flow below where you can create a new package

Create the Metrc Transfer Template

Once all line items are 100% fulfilled with packages assigned, a transfer template can be synced to Metrc. The transfer template can be quickly used to create a real outgoing transfer on Metrc with package and destination license information pre-filled.

Create a transfer template through the action menu (three dots) alongside the Sales Order number on its details page:

This will open a form where you will specify the license number of the recipient and the transfer. This is all the information needed, the rest will be done automatically.

For Companies that have up-to-date license numbers which are associated with a location name and address, the transfer template will auto populate with the recipient license number, address and driving directions!

  • Recipient license will be pre-filled from customer data

  • Recipient address will be pre-filled from customer data

  • Driving directions pre-filled from Google Maps API

  • Driving directions can be manually altered

  • Customer must have valid license info entered and associated with a location for auto-populate to work.

  • If license or address info isn’t correct for any reason, click the edit icon and make changes to the customer location address. Changes to address or license info made from transfer template form will apply to that company moving forward.

  • Driving directions will re-populate with updated address

  • Next transfer template to same company will populate in the same way as the first one

Convert the Transfer Template to a real outgoing Metrc Transfer

  • Sign in to Metrc to find the transfer template there (via Transfers > Templates in their menu ).

  • It will have the same name as the sales order (i.e. SO-0000002).

When this order is ready to be shipped/transferred to the recipient, simply convert that transfer template into a Transfer on Metrc with a few simple clicks.

When viewing the list of transfer templates on Metrc, there is a "Use" button next to each template. By clicking this button, the transfer template can be quickly converted to an actual outgoing Metrc transfer:

At this point you may customize the details of the transfer (such as the driving directions) if desired:

⚠️ Do not make changes to the package list when using the template to create a new transfer. Otherwise Distru will not be able to automatically match the new transfer to the Distru Sales Order.

Auto-matching the new Metrc transfer to a Sales Order

Once the outgoing transfer has been created in Metrc, Distru will detect it and automatically match it to the Sales Order. The order-specific transfer template will then be removed from Metrc .

Once the Sales Order is matched to a Metrc transfer, it is marked as "Completed" and can no longer be edited. If there are edits that need to be made to this sales order after matching, you can manually unmatch the Metrc transfer from the order. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Transfer Template not showing up in Metrc

When creating a transfer template on a SO:

- order must be processing
- all order items must be associated to a package
- no packages in the SO can have syncing status
- no packages in the SO can be associated to an outgoing transfer

- the license number of the recipient is expired or incorrect

If any of these conditions are not met, the transfer template can't be created.

Can I edit the sales order after I've created its transfer template?

Yes! The transfer template will automatically be updated if the Sales Order is updates, such as if packages are added or removed after creating the template.

However, once the Sales Order is matched to an outgoing transfer, the template will be deleted in Metrc and will no longer be updated. 

Should I alter the transfer template on Metrc?

No, you should not make changes to the transfer template on Metrc (or delete it).

If you need to change the package list or recipient license info, you should make those changes in Distru by updating the Sales Order. Distru will automatically update the transfer template to make sure it matches the order.

When you convert the template into an actual transfer, you will have the opportunity to fill in additional details like driving directions. Distru will also automatically delete the transfer template when the order is matched to a Metrc transfer.

What happens when I change the actual Metrc transfer after it is matched to a Sales Order?

We recommend avoiding this and waiting until absolutely certain about what’s being transferred before converting the template to a real transfer. Remember that the SO and its packages can be changed directly in Distru at any time before using the template.

However, if changes must be made to the transfer after it was created on Metrc, this can be done by simply un-matching the transfer from the sales order. There are two ways to do this:

  • If the Metrc transfer is altered so that its list of packages no longer matches the sales order, Distru will automatically un-match that transfer from the order. This will move the order back to "Processing" and allow you to make changes to the order. This can be triggered by adding or removing a package from the real transfer.

  • Unmatch the Sales Order manually - which is only available up to the point the transfer has not been accepted by the retailer.

This will allow you to updating pricing etc.

When you're finished making changes to the order and the transfer is finalized, you will have to manually re-match the Sales Order to the transfer.

What happens if I void or cancel the Metrc transfer after creating it?

Distru will automatically un-match the Sales Order from the Metrc transfer and move the order back to "Processing".

How do I deal with rejections?

We have a few articles that cover the topic of Rejections: 

Please contact Distru support to help correct Sales Orders with rejected packages.

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