Inline Repackaging

Reserve and Assemble the correct package size for each line item without leaving the Sales Order!

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Inline Repackaging

Sales Order Fulfillment Made Easy

Distru supports inline repackaging! You can reserve specific packages based on their batch number/potency, and assemble new packages to match line item quantities without leaving the Sales Order form ๐Ÿ™ŒYou no longer need to create assemblies ahead of time to assign correct size packages. This will save you lots of time spent on communication and corrections from overselling. Everybody wants the good stuff!

***Note: Only users with a Metrc API key will be able to make new packages using this feature!****

Step by step

  • Create a new Sales Order

  • Add Product

  • Assign Package as usual

  • If package quantity is larger than line item quantity, you'll see this prompt:

  • Status initially defaults to Reserved, however can be set to Picked or Packed to reflect which stage of fulfillment has been physically completed. This allows Sales Reps and Managers to easily see which line items have already been processed by the fulfillment team!

    • If there are multiple packages, you can click Mark All Picked or Mark All Packed to update the status of all packages on the line item

  • Click Repackage Now to create an assembly using the reserved package as the source, to make a new package at the quantity requested

  • If the Metrc Item exists in your license, the field will auto-populate.

  • Select an available package number to assign to the new package

  • Once all fields have been filled in, click Assemble and Assign. This is when a new package gets created in Metrc

  • The Status field will automatically move to Packed after the assembly has completed

  • You can also handle all repackage assemblies in succession by clicking the Repackage All button at the top of the Sales Order

  • Save the Sales Order

  • You will be able to create a Transfer Template for the order after all line items have been fulfilled with packages

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