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Matching Outgoing Transfers to Sales Orders
Matching Outgoing Transfers to Sales Orders
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There are a few ways to sync outgoing transfers to Sales Orders:

  1. Creating the SO first and then Matching with Metrc transfer  

  2. Create a transfer template  with the SO and then register that transfer in Metrc

NOTE: Performing any of these actions will cause the sales order to get matched and completed. Sales orders that have the Completed  status cannot be edited, so if you need to edit, you will have to Unmatch the Metrc Transfer  as explained at the end of this article.

Matching with Metrc Transfer

In Distru, you have the ability to create an SO first and then match that SO with a transfer in METRC once it has been initiated in METRC (this is different than importing an outgoing transfer which only works after you have registered an outgoing transfer, and allows you to generate an SO out of that, which is uncommon and something we don't recommend you do).

Please note that you will NOT be able to manually change the status of an SO beyond Processing . It will only go from processing  to completed  once the SO is matched to a transfer. If you would like to manage your shipment status, we recommend creating a shipment after the SO is matched and marked as completed.  

On the Sales Order dashboard view, select an SO that you wish to match with a transfer. All SO's not matched to a transfer will show a yellow shield icon as you can see here:

Then click the 3 dots on the top right and select Match with Metrc transfer  as shown below:

Once you click Match with Metrc transfer it will prompt you to select the transfer. Note that this page doesn't show what's in the transfer until you select the transfer, so you will want to double check which transfer is the one, that matches with the SO, in your METRC account.

Once this is done, all you need to do is to click and select the METRC package which corresponds to the product being shown.

Once it is assigned the METRC shield icon on the Sales Order dashboard view will turn green.

Dealing with Rejections

If your transfer has a rejection (or is entirely rejected) after your Sales Order is matched to it and marked Completed then please accept the rejected transfer in Metrc, doing this will put your packages back to status Active  in Distru.

Unmatching a Sales Order

If you need to edit the Sales Order after it has been matched and completed, such as if you need to update pricing or account for rejections - check out this article on how to unmatch a Sales Order 

NOTE: this only applies if the transfer has not been accepted or doesn't have any rejections

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