Once your package tags arrive, you will go into Metrc > admin > tag orders and accept the tag order. Then you will goto admin > tags to see your newly available tags. To have these available in Distru for use, we need you to export your tags from Metrc and upload into Distru. 

Why is this required?

When creating new packages on METRC, you'll notice that their software is able to automatically suggest valid tags for your license:

Unfortunately, Metrc does not make this information available to 3rd party integrators like Distru. Without this list, it's much more difficult and error prone for Distru's users to type in long Metrc tag numbers. And when an invalid tag is entered, Distru must stop syncing to Metrc until the issue is resolved.

To prevent these issues and to improve the overall experience of using Distru, we require that each company upload their lists of available Metrc tags for each of their licenses. Once you've done this, you'll enjoy a much better experience entering package tags in Distru:

How often do I need to do this?

  • To start, you should upload your available tags to Distru once for each license.

  • Whenever you receive and accept a new order of tags for a license, you should re-upload its available tag list to Distru. For most companies, this will be every few months at most.

Exporting your available tags from Metrc

  1. Log in to your Metrc account.

  2. If you have more than one license, make sure you have selected the correct license in the top right corner (just below your email address).

  3. Go to the "Admin" menu and click "Tags"

  4. Click on the "Available" tab to view your license's available tags.

  5. Click on the printer icon, and click to download the Excel (.xlsx) file with your available tags.

Uploading your tags to Distru

Use the top left menu to go to your settings page. Click on Integrations > METRC. On that page, you'll see an "Import Metrc Tags" button. Click that to open the "Import Metrc Tags" dialog:

  1. Select the license you are uploading these tags for.

  2. Click "Select Excel File" and choose the Excel file you downloaded from METRC in the previous step.

  3. Click "Submit".

Your tags are now available for use in Distru.

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